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س و ل
General Root Meaning
to delude, entice, contrive, suggest, prepare, embellish, deceive, lead one to error.
   sawwala   (1)

Indeed, those who return on their backs from after what (has) become clear to them (of) the guidance, Shaitaan enticed [for] them and prolonged hope for them.

   sawwalat   (3)

And they brought upon his shirt with blood false. He said, "Nay, has enticed you your souls (to) a matter, so patience (is) beautiful. And Allah (is) the One sought for help against what you describe."

He said, "Nay, have enticed you your souls something, so patience (is) beautiful. Perhaps Allah, that will bring them to me all. Indeed, He He (is) the All-Knower, All-Wise."

He said, "I perceived what not they perceive, in it, so I took a handful from (the) track (of) the Messenger then threw it, and thus suggested to me my soul."

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