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س ل ط
General Root Meaning
prevailed/overcame/predominated, firm/established in superior power/force, strength, possess power of dominion/sovereignty/rule/authority, sharp/eloquent, miracle
   bisul'ṭānin   (4)

I will surely punish him (with) a punishment severe or I will surely slaughter him unless he brings me a reason clear."

Said their Messengers, "Can (there) be about Allah any doubt, (the) Creator (of) the heavens and the earth? He invites you, so that He may forgive for you [of] your sins, and give you respite for a term appointed." They said, "Not you (are) but a human like us, you wish to hinder us from what used to worship our forefathers. So bring us an authority clear."

Said to them their Messengers, "Not we (are) but a human like you, but Allah bestows His Grace on whom He wills of His slaves. And not is for us that we bring you an authority except by the permission (of) Allah. And upon Allah so let put (their) trust the believers.

Or for them (is) a stairway, they listen therewith? Then let bring, their listener, an authority clear.

O assembly (of) the jinn and the men! If you are able to pass beyond [of] (the) regions (of) the heavens and the earth, then pass. Not you (can) pass except by authority.

These, our people, have taken from besides Him gods. Why not they come to them with an authority clear? And who (is) more wrong than (one) who invents against Allah a lie?

And that (do) not exalt yourselves against Allah. Indeed, I [I] have come to you with an authority clear.

And in Musa, when We sent him to Firaun with an authority clear.

   sul'ṭānun   (3)

Indeed he, not for him (is) any authority on those who believe and upon their Lord they put their trust.

Or (is) for you an authority clear?

Indeed, My slaves, not you have over them any authority, except those who follow you, of the ones who go astray."

"Indeed, My slaves not for you over them any authority. And sufficient (is) your Lord (as) a Guardian."

   sul'ṭānin   (2)

Those who dispute concerning (the) Signs (of) Allah without any authority (having) come to them, (it) is greatly hateful near Allah and near those who believe. Thus sets a seal Allah over every heart (of) an arrogant tyrant."

Indeed, those who dispute concerning (the) Signs (of) Allah without any authority (which) came to them, not (is) in their breasts but greatness, not they (can) reach it. So seek refuge in Allah. Indeed He, He (is) the All-Hearer the All-Seer.

He said, "Verily has fallen upon you from your Lord punishment and anger. Do you dispute with me concerning names you have named them - you and your forefathers not (has) sent down Allah for it any authority? Then wait, indeed, I am with you of the ones who wait.

They say, "Has taken Allah a son." Glory be to Him! He (is) the Self-sufficient. To Him (belongs) whatever (is) in the heavens and whatever (is) in the earth. Not you have any authority for this. Do you say about Allah what not you know?

Not you worship from besides Him but names which you have named, you and your forefathers, not (has) sent down Allah for it any authority. Not (is) the command but for Allah. He has commanded that not you worship but Him Alone. That (is) the religion the right, but most [the] men (do) not know.

And will say the Shaitaan, when has been decided the matter, "Indeed, Allah promised you a promise (of) truth. And I promised you, but I betrayed you. But not had I over you any authority except that I invited you, and you responded to me. So (do) not blame me, but blame yourselves. Not (can) I (be) your helper and not you (can) (be) my helper. Indeed, I deny [of what] your association of me (with A from before. Indeed, the wrongdoers, for them (is) a punishment painful."

And not was for him over them any authority except that We (might) make evident who believes in the Hereafter from (one) who [he] about it (is) in doubt. And your Lord over all things (is) a Guardian.

And not was for us over you any authority. Nay, you were a people transgressing.

Not they (are) except names you have named them, you and your forefathers, not has sent down Allah for it any authority. Not they follow except assumption and what desire the(ir) souls. And certainly has come to them from their Lord the guidance.

   sul'ṭānan   (3)

You will find others wishing that they be secure from you and they be secure from their people, Everytime that they are returned to the temptation, they are plunged into it. So if not they withdraw from you and offer to you [the] peace and they restrain their hands, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them. And those - We made for you against them an authority clear.

Ask you (the) People (of) the Book that you bring down to them a book from the heaven. Then indeed, they (had) asked Musa greater than that for they said, "Show us Allah manifestly," so struck them the thunderbolt for their wrongdoing. Then they took the calf (for worship) from after [what] came to them the clear proofs, then We forgave them for that. And We gave Musa an authority clear.

And (do) not kill the soul which has forbidden Allah, except by right. And whoever (is) killed wrongfully, verily We have made for his heir an authority, but not he should exceed in the killing. Indeed, he is helped.

And say, "My Lord! Cause me to enter an entrance sound, and cause me to an exit sound and make for me from near You an authority helping."

He said, "We will strengthen your arm through your brother and We will make for both of you an authority, so not they will reach to both of you. Through Our Signs you two and (those) who follow you, (will) be the dominant."

Or have We sent to them an authority and it speaks of what they were with Him associating?

O you who believe[d]! (Do) not take the disbelievers (as) allies from instead of the believers. Do you wish that you make for Allah against you an evidence clear?

We will cast in (the) hearts (of) those who disbelieve [the] terror because they associated partners with Allah, what not He sent down about it any authority, and their refuge (will be) the Fire and wretched (is the) abode [of] the wrongdoers.

And how could I fear what you associate (with Allah) while not you fear that you have associated with Allah what Not he did send down for it to you any authority. So which (of) the two parties has more right to security if you know?"

Say, "Only (had) forbidden my Lord the shameful deeds what (is) apparent of it and what is concealed, and the sin, and the oppression without [the] right, and that you associate (others) with Allah what not He (has) sent down of it any authority, and that you say about Allah what not (do) you know?"

And they worship from besides Allah Allah what not He (has) sent down for it any authority, and what not they have of it any knowledge. And not (will be) for the wrongdoers any helper.

   sul'ṭānuhu   (1)

Only his authority (is) over those who take him as an ally and those who [they] with Him associate partners.

   sul'ṭāniyah   (1)

Is gone from me my authority."

   lasallaṭahum   (1)

Except those who join [to] a group between you and between them (is) a treaty or those who come to you restraining their hearts that they fight you or they fight their people. And if (had) willed Allah, surely He (would have) given t over you, and surely they (would have) f So if they withdraw from you and (do) not fight against you and offer to you [the] peace then not (has) made Allah for you against them a way.

   wasul'ṭānin   (1)

And certainly We sent Musa with Our Signs and an authority clear,

Then We sent Musa and his brother Harun with Our Signs and an authority clear

And certainly, We sent Musa with Our Signs and an authority clear,

   yusalliṭu   (1)

And what restored Allah to His Messenger from them, then not you made expedition for it of horses and not camels, but Allah gives power (to) His Messengers over whom He wills. And Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful.

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