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س خ ط
General Root Meaning
to be displeased/enraged/offended
   askhaṭa   (1)

That (is) because they followed what angered Allah and hated His pleasure, so He made worthless their deeds.

   bisakhaṭin   (1)

So is (the one) who pursues (the) pleasure (of) Allah like (the one) who draws on (himself) wrath of Allah and his abode (is) hell, and wretched (is) the destination?

   sakhiṭa   (1)

You see many of them taking as allies those who disbelieved. Surely evil (is) what sent forth for them their souls, that became angry Allah with them and in the punishment they (will) abide forever.

   yaskhaṭūna   (1)

And among them (is he) who criticizes you concerning the charities. Then if they are given from it, they are pleased; but if not they are given from it, then they (are) enraged.

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