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س ج ن
General Root Meaning
to imprison/jail, restrain/conceal, register/record, register in which the actions of the wicked are recorded, prison, written book,
sahib al-sijn (fellow prisoner), anything hard/vehement/severe/continuous.
   l-sij'na   (1)

And entered with him (in) the prison two young men. Said one of them, "Indeed, I [I] see myself pressing wine." And said the other, "Indeed, I [I] see myself [I am] carrying over my head bread, (were) eating the birds from it. Inform us of its interpretation; indeed, we [we] see you of the good-doers."

   l-sij'nu   (1)

He said, "My Lord, the prison (is) dearer to me than what they invite me to it. And unless You turn away from me their plot I might incline towards them and [I] be of the ignorant."

   l-sij'ni   (2)

O my two companions (of) the prison! Are lords separate better or Allah, the One the Irresistible?

O my two companions (of) the prison! As for one of you he will give drink (to) his master wine; and as for the other he will be crucified, and will eat the birds from his head. Has been decreed the matter the one about which you both inquire."

And he said to the one whom he thought that he (would be) saved of both of them, "Mention me to your master." But made him forget the Shaitaan (the) mention (to) his master, so he remained in the prison several years.

And he raised his parents upon the throne and they fell down to him prostrate. And he said, "O my father! This (is the) interpretation (of) my dream, from before. Verily, has made it my Lord true. And indeed, He was good to me when He took me out of the prison, and brought you from the bedouin life from after [that] had caused discord the Shaitaan between me and between my brothers. Indeed, my Lord (is) Most Subtle to what He wills. Indeed, He, He (is) the All-Knower, the All-Wise.

   l-masjūnīna   (1)

He said, "If you take a god other than me, I will surely make you among those imprisoned."

   sijjīnun   (1)

And what can make you know what (is) Sijjin?

   sijjīnin   (1)

Nay! Indeed, (the) record (of) the wicked (is) surely in Sijjin.

   layus'jananna   (1)

She said, "That (is) the one, you blamed me about him. And certainly I sought to seduce him, [from] [himself] but he saved himself, and if not he does what I order him, surely, he will be imprisoned and certainly will be of those who are disgraced."

   layasjununnahu   (1)

Then (it) appeared to them from after [what] they had seen the signs, surely they should imprison hi until a time.

   yus'jana   (1)

And they both raced (to) the door and she tore his shirt from the back, and they both found her husband at the door. She said, "What (is) the recompense (of one) who intended for your wife evil except that he be imprisoned or a punishment painful?"

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