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س ح ت
General Root Meaning
to gain what is unlawful, destroy utterly, eradicate, extirpate, make unlawful profit, doing of anything that leads to destruction, devour that is forbidden, gain anything that is prohibited, take bribe.
suhtun - thing forbidden, unlawful trade, bribe, that which is foul and of bad repute, anything paltry, mean and inconsiderable.
   l-suḥ'ta   (2)

Why (do) not forbid them, the Rabbis and the religious scholars from their saying the sinful and their eating (of) the forbidden? Surely, evil (is) what they used to do.

And you see many of them hastening into [the] sin and [the] transgression and eating the forbidden. Surely evil (is) what they were doing.

   fayus'ḥitakum   (1)

Said to them Musa, "Woe to you! (Do) not invent against Allah a lie, lest He will destroy you with a punishment. And verily, he failed who invented."

   lilssuḥ'ti   (1)

Listeners to [the] falsehood, devourers of the forbidden. So if they come to you then judge between them or turn away from them. And if you turn away from them, then never will they harm you (in) anything. And if you judge, then judge between them with [the] justice. Indeed, Allah loves the ones who are just.

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