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ش ط ط
General Root Meaning
to be far off, wrong anyone, treat with injustice, go beyond due bounds.
shattan - extravagant lie, exceeding, redundant, excess.
ashatta (vb. 4) - to act unjustly.
   tush'ṭiṭ   (1)

When they entered upon Dawood and he was afraid of them, they said, "(Do) not fear. (We are) two litigants, has wronged one of us to another, so judge between us in truth and (do) not be unjust and guide us to an even [the] path.

   shaṭaṭan   (2)

And We made firm [on] their hearts when they stood up and said, "Our Lord (is) the Lord (of) the heavens and the earth. Never we will invoke from besides Him any god. Certainly, we would have said, then, an enormity.

And that he used to speak - the foolish among us against Allah an excessive transgression.

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