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ش ن ء
General Root Meaning
to hate/loathe,
shanaanan - hatred, insult, adversity, enmity, hostility, malice, abhorring.
shaaniun - insulter, enemy, foe, adversary, antagonist.
shaan'ka - your enemy.
   shāni-aka   (1)

Indeed, your enemy - he (is) the one cut off.

   shanaānu   (2)

O you who believe! (Do) not violate (the) rites (of) Allah, and not the month sacred and not the sacrificial animals and not the garlanded and not (those) coming (to) the House Sacred seeking Bounty of their Lord and good pleasure. And when you come out of Ihram then (you may) hunt. And not let incite you (the) hatred (for) a people as they stopped you from Al-Masjid Al-Haraam that you commit transgression. And help one another in [the] righteousness and [the] piety, but (do) not help one another in [the] sin and [the] transgression. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah (is) severe (in) [the] punishment.

O you who believe! Be steadfast for Allah (as) witnesses in justice, and not let prevent you hatred (of) a people [upon] that not you do justice. Be just it (is) nearer to [the] piety. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah (is) All-Aware of what you do.

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