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ص و ب
General Root Meaning
to pour forth, hit the mark, come down. asaaba - to overtake, happen to, befall, fall upon, will, affect injuriously, meet with, send down, pour down upon, afflict or punish, intend, desire.
sawaabun - that which is right, straight forward course, rightness.
musiibun - that which happens.
musiibatun - calamity.Lane: "...it poured forth (said of rain), it descended, a calamity that falls upon or becomes settled/fixed..."
Asaaba (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing. IV): He befell, hitted.
Asaabat (prf. 3rd. p. f. sing. IV.): She befell, afflicted.
Asabtum (prf. 2nd. p.m. plu. IV.): You inflicted, smited.
Asabna (prf 1st. p. plu. IV). We inflicted.
Yusiibu/Yusiiba (nom./acc.)
Yusib (juss./imp. 3rd. p.m. sing. IV.): Shall befall; Will afflict.
Tusiibu/Tusiiba (nom./acc.)
Tusib (juss./imp. 3rd. p. f ): It will befall.
Tusiibanna (imp. 3rd. p. f. emp.): Shall afflict.
Tusiibuu (imp. 2nd. p. m. plu. acc. IV.): You afflict, hurt, harm.
Usiibu (imp. 1st. p. sing. IV.): I shall afflict.
Nusiibu (imp. 1st. P. plu. IV.): We bestow (our mercy).
Musiibun (ap-der. m. sing. IV.): That which to smite.
Musiibtun (ap-der. f. sing. IV.): Affliction; Calamity.
Sayyibun (n.): Heavy downpour.
Sawaaban (n. acc.): Right.