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ص ر ف
General Root Meaning
to turn away, divert, avert, propound, set forth, vary.
sarfun - act of averting.
masrifun - place to turn to, refuge.
masruufun - averted.
sarrafa (vb. 2) - to explain.
tasrif - change (of wind).
insarafa (vb. 7) - to turn aside..
Sarafa (prf. 3rd. p. m. sing. with An). He turned away, averted.
Sarafnaa (prf. 1st. p. plu.): We turned towards.
Yasrifu (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing.): He averts.
Tasriif (imp. 2nd. p- m. sing, juss.): Thou tam away.
Asrifu (imp. 1st. p. sing.): I shall turn away.
Nasrifa (imp. 1st. p, plu.): We turn away.
Surifat (pp. 3rd. p, f, sing. She would be turned to.
Yusraf (pip. 3rd. p.m. sing. juss.). Is averted from.
Yusrafuuna (pip.3rd, p.m. plu.): They are turned away.
Tusrafuuna (pip. 2nd. p.m. plu.): You are turned away.
Isrif (prt. m. sing.): Avert! Turn!
Sarrafnaa (prf. 1st. p. plu. II.): We variously propounded, explained in variety of forms.
Nusarrifu (imp. 1st, p. plu. II.): Explain in variety of forms.
Insarafuu (prf. 3rd. p.m. plu. VII.). They turned away.
Masruufan (pct. pic. m. sing. acc.): Avertible.
Sarfan (v. n. acc.): Diversion; Averting.
Masrifan (n. acc. for place and time): Escape; Way for aversion.
Tasriif (v.n. II): Turning about.
   iṣ'rif   (1)

And those who say, "Our Lord! Avert from us the punishment (of) Hell. Indeed, its punishment is inseparable,

   inṣarafū   (1)

And whenever what is revealed a Surah, look some of them to others, "Does see you any one?" Then they turn away. has turned away Allah their hearts because they (are) a people not they understand.

   taṣrif   (1)

He said, "My Lord, the prison (is) dearer to me than what they invite me to it. And unless You turn away from me their plot I might incline towards them and [I] be of the ignorant."

   tuṣ'rafūna   (2)

For that (is) Allah, your Lord, the true. So what (can be) after the truth except the error? So how (are) you turned away.

He created you from a soul single. Then He made from it its mate. And He sent down for you of the cattle eight kinds. He creates you in (the) wombs (of) your mothers, creation from after creation, in darkness[es] three. That (is) Allah your Lord; for Him (is) the dominion. (There is) no god except He. Then how are you turning away?

   sa-aṣrifu   (1)

I will turn away from My Signs those who are arrogant in the earth without [the] right; and if they see every sign, not they will believe in it. And if they see (the) way (of) the righteousness, not they will take it (as) a way, but if they see (the) way (of) [the] error, they will take it (as) a way. That (is) because they denied Our Signs and they were of them heedless.

   ṣarrafnā   (1)

And verily, We have explained in this the Quran, that they may take heed, but not it increases them except (in) aversion.

And verily We have explained to mankind in this Quran from every example, but refused most (of) the mankind except disbelief.

And certainly, We have explained in this the Quran for mankind of every example. But is the man (in) most things quarrelsome.

   ṣarrafnāhu   (1)

And verily, We have distributed it among them that they may remember, but refuse most (of) the people except disbelief.

   ṣarafa   (1)

And whenever what is revealed a Surah, look some of them to others, "Does see you any one?" Then they turn away. has turned away Allah their hearts because they (are) a people not they understand.

   ṣarfan   (1)

"So verily, they deny you in what you say, so not you are able (to) avert and not (to) help." And whoever does wrong among you, We will make him taste a punishment great.

   ṣurifat   (1)

And when are turned their eyes towards (the) companions (of) the Fire, they (will) say, "Our Lord! (Do) not place us with the people - the wrongdoers."

   ṣarafakum   (1)

And certainly fulfilled to you Allah His promise, when you were killing them by His permission, until when you lost courage and you fell into dispute concerning the order and you disobeyed from after [what] He (had) shown you what you love. Among you (are some) who desire the world and among you (are some) who desire the Hereafter. Then He diverted you from them so that He may test you. And surely He forgave you. And Allah (is the) Possessor (of) Bounty for the believers.

   ṣarafnā   (1)

And when We directed to you a party of the jinn, listening (to) the Quran. And when they attended it, they said, "Listen quietly." And when it was concluded, they turned back to their people (as) warners.

   faṣarafa   (1)

So responded to him his Lord, and turned away from him their plot. Indeed, [He] He (is) All-Hearer, All-Knower.

   linaṣrifa   (1)

And certainly she did desire him, and he would have desired her, if not that he saw the proof (of) his Lord. Thus, that We might avert from him the evil and the immorality. Indeed, he (was) of Our slaves the sincere.

   maṣrifan   (1)

And will see the criminals the Fire, and they (will be) certain that they are to fall in it. And not they will find from it a way of escape.

   maṣrūfan   (1)

And if We delay from them the punishment for a time determined, they will surely say, "What detains it?" No doubt! (On) the Day it comes to them not (will be) averted from them and will surround them what they used (to) at [it] mock.

   nuṣarrifu   (1)

Say, "Have you seen if took away Allah your hearing and your sight and sealed [on] your hearts, who (is the) god other than Allah to bring (back) to you with it? See how We explain the Signs; yet they turn away."

Say, "He (is) All-Capable [on] to send upon you punishment from above you or from beneath your feet or (to) confuse you (into) sects and make (you) taste - some of you violence (of) others." See how We explain the Signs so that they may understand.

And thus We explain the Signs that they (may) say, "You have studied," and that We (may) make it clea for a people who know.

And the land - [the] pure, comes forth its vegetation by (the) permission (of) its Lord, but which is bad - (does) not come forth except (with) difficulty. Thus We explain the Signs for a people who are grateful.

   wataṣrīfi   (2)

And (in the) alternation (of) the night and the day and what sends down Allah from the sky of (the) provision and gives life thereby (to) the earth after its death, and (in) directing (the) winds (are) Signs for a people who reason.

Indeed, in (the) creation (of) the heavens and the earth, and alternation of the night and the day, and the ships which sail in the sea with what benefits [the] people, and what (has) sent down Allah from the sky [of] water, giving life thereby (to) the earth after its death, and dispersing therein [of] every moving creature, and directing (of) the winds and the clouds [the] controlled between the sky and the earth, surely (are) Signs for a people who use their intellect.

   waṣarrafnā   (2)

And certainly We destroyed what surrounds you of the towns, and We have diversified the Signs, that they may return.

And thus We have sent it down, (the) Quran (in) Arabic and We have explained in it of the warnings that they may fear or it may cause [for] them remembrance.

   wayaṣrifuhu   (1)

Do not you see that Allah drives clouds then joins between them then makes them (into) a mass, then you see the rain come forth from their midst? And He sends down from (the) sky, [from] mountains within it [of] (is) hail and He strikes with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills. Nearly (the) flash (of) its lighting takes away the sight.

   yuṣ'raf   (1)

Whoever is averted from it that Day then surely He had Mercy on him. And that (is) the success (the) clear.

   yuṣ'rafūna   (1)

Do not you see [to] those who dispute concerning (the) Signs (of) Allah? How they are turned away?

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