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ص ل د
General Root Meaning
to be hard, bare and smooth (e.g. stone), to shun or turn away, niggardly, (applied to a land) produces no plants, (a camel) having a little or no milk
   ṣaldan   (1)

O you who believe[d]! (Do) not render in vain your charities with reminders (of it) or [the] hurt, like the one who spends his wealth (to) be seen (by) the people, and (does) not believe in Allah and the Day [the] Last. Then his example (is) like (that of a) smooth rock upon it (is) dust, then fell on it heavy rain, then left it bare. Not they have control on anything of what they (have) earned. And Allah (does) not guide the people [the] disbelieving.

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