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ر و ح
General Root Meaning
Raha - To go or do a thing at evening. Violently windy; good or pleasant wind. Become cool or pleasant [by means of the wind]. Become brisk, lively sprightly, active, agile, or quick [as though one felt the wind and was refreshed by it].
Rawahun - he went, journeyed, worked, or did a thing in the evening [or any time of the night or day], or in the afternoon (declining of the sun from its meridian until night).
Ruhun - Soul, spirit, vital principle, breath which a man breathes and pervades his whole body. Inspiration or divine revelation [since it is like the vital principle is to the body and quickens man].
turiihuuna (impf. 2nd. m. pl. vb. 4) - you bring home in the evening.
rawaahun (v. n.) - blowing in the afternoon, evening journey.
rauhun (n.) - soothing mercy, happiness, comport, bounty, gift.
ruuhun (n.) - revelation, spirit, soul, human soul, Gabriel, angel of revelation.
raihaan (n. pl.) - fragrant flowery plants.
riihun (n.) - punishment.
riyaah (n. pl.) - divine blessings.