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ر ح ب
General Root Meaning
to welcome, be ample, be spacious, be wide, be great.
marhaban - a form of salutation equivalent to welcome.
   raḥubat   (2)

And on the three (of) those who were left behind, until when (was) straitened for them the earth, though it was vast. And (was) straitened for them their own souls and they were certain that (there is) no refuge from Allah except to Him. Then He turned (in mercy) to them that they may repent. Indeed, Allah, He (is) the Acceptor of repentanc the Most Merciful.

Verily, helped you Allah in regions many, and (on the) day (of) Hunain, when pleased you your multitude, but not availed you anything and (was) straitened for you the earth (in spite) of (what) its vastness, then you turned back, fleeing.

   marḥaban   (1)

This (is) a company bursting (in) with you. No welcome for them. Indeed, they (will) burn (in) the Fire.

They say, "Nay! You - no welcome for you. You brought this upon us. So wretched (is) the settlement."

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