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ق ت ر
General Root Meaning
to be stingy, tight-fisted, niggardly, have scantily, be barely sufficient (sustenance), give bare sustenance.
qatarun & qataratun - dust, gloom (of sorrow), darkness, stinginess.
qaturun - niggardly.
muqtirun - to be in reduced circumstances, straitened.
   l-muq'tiri   (1)

(There is) no blame upon you if you divorce [the] women whom not you have touched nor you specified for them an obligation (dower). And make provision for them - upon the wealthy according to his means and upon the poor according to his means - a provision in a fair manner, a duty upon the good-doers.

   qatarun   (1)

For those who do good (is) the best and more. And not (will) cover their faces dust and not humiliation. Those (are the) companions (of) Paradise, they in it (will) abide forever.

   qataratun   (1)

Will cover them darkness.

   qatūran   (1)

Say, "If you possess the treasures (of) the Mercy (of) my Lord, then surely you would withhold (out of) fear (of) spending." And is man stingy.

   yaqturū   (1)

And those who, when they spend, (are) not extravagant and not are stingy but are between that - moderate.

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