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ق ص و
General Root Meaning
distant/remote, far, go far away.
quswa - more remote, further.
   aqṣā   (1)

And came a man from (the) farthest end (of) the city running. He said, "O Musa! Indeed, the chiefs are taking counsel about you to kill you, so leave; indeed, I am to you of the sincere advisors."

And came from (the) farthest end (of) the city a man running. He said, "O my People! Follow the Messengers.

   l-aqṣā   (1)

Exalted (is) the One Who took His servant (by) night from Al-Masjid Al-Haraam, to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa which We blessed its surroundings, that We may show him of Our Signs. Indeed He, He (is) the All-Hearer, the All-Seer.

   l-quṣ'wā   (1)

When you (were) on the nearer side (of) the world (valley) and they (were) on the side, the farther and the caravan (was) lower than you. And if you (had) made an appointment certainly you would have faile in the appointment. But that might accomplish Allah a matter (that) was destined, that (might be) destroyed (those) who (were to be) destroyed on a clear evidence and (might) live (those) who (were to) live on a clear evidence. And indeed, Allah (is) All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

   qaṣiyyan   (1)

So she conceived him, and she withdrew with him (to) a place remote.

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