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ق ص ر
General Root Meaning
become short, have little or no power, become niggardly, fall short, i.e. not to reach something, left/relinquish/abstain/desist/cease, took from its length, clip/shove, restricted/confined/limited, kept within certain bounds or limits, restrain/withheld, hinder/prevent, contract or draw oneself together, obedient, last part of day.
qasr (pl. qusur) - ample and spacious house, castle, palace.
   taqṣurū   (1)

And when you travel in the earth then not upon you (is) any blame that you shorten [of] the prayer if you fear that (may) harm you those who disbelieved. Indeed, the disbelievers are for you an enemy open.

   qāṣirātu   (1)

And with them (will be) ones who are restrai glance (having) beautiful eyes,

And with them (will be) ones who are restrai glance well-matched.

In them (will be) ones who are restrai glance not has touched them any man before them and not any jinn.

   quṣūran   (1)

And remember when He made you successors from after Aad, and settled you in the earth. You take from its plains palaces and you carve out the mountains (as) homes. So remember (the) Bounties (of) Allah and (do) not act wickedly in (the) earth spreading corruption.

Blessed is He Who if He willed (could have) made for you better than that - gardens - flow from underneath it the rivers and He (could) make for you palaces.

   kal-qaṣri   (1)

Indeed, it throws up sparks as the fortress,

   maqṣūrātun   (1)

Fair ones restrained in the pavilions.

   waqaṣrin   (1)

And how many of a township We have destroyed it, while it was doing wrong, so it fell on its roofs, and well abandoned, and castle lofty.

   wamuqaṣṣirīna   (1)

Certainly, has fulfilled Allah His Messenger's vision in truth. Surely, you will enter Al-Masjid Al-Haraam if wills Allah, secure, having shaved your heads and shortened, not fearing. But He knew what not you knew, and He made from besides that a victory near.

   yuq'ṣirūna   (1)

But their brothers they plunge them in the error, then not they cease.

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