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ق ر ب
General Root Meaning
to be near to, approach, offer, be near in relationship or rank, be at hand, draw near. qurbatun - proximity, means of drawing nigh, kindred, relationship.
qurubatan (pl. qurubatun) - pious works and good deeds which draw people nigh to Allah, means by which an approach is sought.
qaribun - night, near at hand (either in time or place). min
qaribin - soon after.
qurba - affinity, relationship.
qurban - sacrifice, offer made for God, means of access to God.
aqrabu - closer, closest.
aqrabun - kinsfolk, kindred, those most nearly related.
qarrab (vb. 2) - to set before, cause to draw nigh, make an offering, offer (sacrifice).
muqarrabun (pl. maqarrabuna) - one who is made or permitted to approach, who is brought nigh.