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ق د د
General Root Meaning
to rend, cut, tear, pull sharply apart. qaddat - she rent. qidad - parties of men at variance among themselves, companies of diverse and different (way).
   qudda   (2)

He said, "She sought to seduce me about myself." And testified a witness of her family "If [is] his shirt (is) torn from the front then she has spoken the truth, and he (is) of the liars.

But if [is] his shirt (is) torn from (the) back then she has lied and he (is) of the truthful."

So when he saw his shirt torn from (the) back he said, "Indeed, it (is) of your plot. Indeed, your plot (is) great.

   qidadan   (1)

And that [we] among us (are) the righteous and among us (are) other than that. We (are on) ways different.

   waqaddat   (1)

And they both raced (to) the door and she tore his shirt from the back, and they both found her husband at the door. She said, "What (is) the recompense (of one) who intended for your wife evil except that he be imprisoned or a punishment painful?"

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