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ن ش ر
General Root Meaning
to spread out, bring back to life, resuscitate, be extended, lay open, unfold, expand, display, spread abroad.
   ansharahu   (1)

Then when He wills, He will resurrect him.

   l-nushūru   (2)

He (is) the One Who made for you the earth subservient, so walk in (the) paths thereof and eat of His provision, and to Him (is) the Resurrection.

And Allah (is) the One Who sends the winds so that they raise (the) clouds, and We drive them to a land dead and We revive therewith the earth after its death. Thus (will be) the Resurrection.

   bimunsharīna   (1)

"Not it (is) but our death the first and not we (will be) raised again.

   tantashirūna   (1)

And among His Signs (is) that He created you from dust then behold! You (are) human beings dispersing.

   fa-ansharnā   (1)

And the One Who sends down from the sky water in (due) measure, then We revive with it a land dead, thus you will be brought forth,

   fa-intashirū   (1)

O you who believe! (Do) not enter (the) houses (of) the Prophet except when permission is given to you for a meal, without awaiting its preparation. But when you are invited, then enter; and when you have eaten, then disperse and not seeking to remain for a conversation. Indeed, that was troubling the Prophet, and he is shy of (dismissing) you. But Allah not is shy of the truth. And when you ask them (for) anything then ask them from behind a screen. That (is) purer for your hearts and their hearts. And not is for you that you trouble (the) Messenger (of) Allah and not that you should marry his wives from after him, ever. Indeed, that is near Allah an enormity.

Then when is concluded the prayer, then disperse in the land and seek from (the) Bounty (of) Allah, and remember Allah much so that you may succeed.

   muntashirun   (1)

(Will be) humbled their eyes they will come forth from the graves as if they (were) locusts spreading,

   munasharatan   (1)

Nay! Desires every person of them that he may be given pages spread out.

   manshūrin   (1)

In parchment unrolled,

   manshūran   (1)

And (for) every man We have fastened to him his fate in his neck, and We will bring forth for him (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection a record which he will find wide open.

   nashran   (1)

And the ones that scatter far and wide,

   nushirat   (1)

And when the pages are laid open,

   nushūran   (2)

And He (is) the One Who made for you the night (as) a covering and the sleep a rest and made the day a resurrection.

Yet they have taken from besides Him gods not they create anything, while they are created, and not they possess for themselves any harm and not any benefit, and not they control death and not life and not resurrection.

And verily, they have come upon the town which was showered (with) a rain (of) evil. Then do not they [were] see it? Nay, they are not expecting Resurrection.

   wal-nāshirāti   (1)

And the ones that scatter far and wide,

   wayanshuru   (1)

And He (is) the One Who sends down the rain from after [what] they have despaired, and spreads His mercy. And He (is) the Protector, the Praiseworthy.

   yanshur   (1)

And when you withdraw from them and what they worship except Allah, then retreat to the cave. Will spread for you your Lord of His Mercy and will facilitate for you [from] your affair (in) ease."

   yunshirūna   (1)

Or (have) they taken gods from the earth, they raise (the dead)?

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