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ن ق ب
General Root Meaning
to pierce (a wall), bore (a hole), go through (a country), be a chief, journey, pass or wander through.
   fanaqqabū   (1)

And how many We destroyed before them of a generation, they (were) stronger than them (in) power. so they explored throughout the lands. Is (there) any place of escape?

   naqban   (1)

So not they were able to scale it and not they were able in it (to do) any penetration.

   naqīban   (1)

And certainly took Allah a Covenant (from the) Children (of) Israel and We appointed among them two (and) ten (i.e twelve) leaders. And said Allah, "Indeed, I (am) with you, if you establish the prayer and give the zakah and you believe in My Messengers and you assist them and you loan (to) Allah a loan goodly, surely I will remove from you your evil deeds and I will surely admit you (to) gardens flow from underneath them the rivers. But whoever disbelieved after that among you, then certainly he strayed (from) the way, the right.

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