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ن ب ا
General Root Meaning
to be high, lofty, become exalted/elevated, to aquaint/inform, utter in a low voice/sound, cry, bark, gift of prophecy, prophet.
To come/go forth, to assault/come upon, went forth, brought/produce.
Information; a piece of information; intellegence; an announcement; news; tidings; a piece of news; an account; a narrative, or narration; a story (something that is related from one to another). An announcement of great utility, from which results either knowledge or a predominance of opinion, and true.
Eminence/protuberence in the ground/earth.
An evident/clear way.
Bull, a torrent that comes forth from another land, a man coming forth unexpectedly from an unknown quarter.
naba n.m. (pl. of anba) - news/tiding/story/tale
nabiy n.m. (pl. nabiyun and anbiya) - prophet, the prophet (al-nabiy)
nubuwah n.f. - prophecy/prophethood
nabba'a vb. (II) - to tell
anba'a vb. (IV) - to tell
istanba'a vb. (X) - to ask or be told