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م ى د
General Root Meaning
To be shaken, moved, agitated, spread, give food. It was/became in a state of motion or commotion. Was/Became agitated: in a state or violent motion or commotion; or violently agitated. Turn/Twist about. Become contorted and convulsed. Quivered, trembled. Confound, perplex, amazed. Inclining from side to side. Confer bestow benefit/s or favor/s.
Ma-idatan (2x) - A table with food upon it. From m-y-d "it was in a state of motion" as the table moved about from what was on it. Or m-y-d "he brought wheat or food" since food is brought on it. Or m-y-d "he gave" because what is this called given by the owner to the people [who are to eat]. Table spread, table with food upon it, food. Knowledge, because knowledge is the spiritual food.