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م ص ر
General Root Meaning
he made it (namely a town) a limit/boundary between two things, partition, barrier, limit, great town, Egypt.
   bimiṣ'ra   (1)

And We inspired to Musa and his brother that, "Settle your people in Egypt (in) houses, and make your houses (as) places of worship, and establish the prayer. And give glad tidings (to) the believers."

   miṣ'ra   (2)

And called out Firaun among his people; he said, "O my people! Is not for me (the) kingdom (of) Egypt and these [the] rivers flowing from underneath me? Then do not you see?

And said the one who bought him of Egypt to his wife, "Make comfortable his stay. Perhaps that (he) will benefit us or we will take him (as) a son." And thus We established Yusuf in the land that We might teach him from (the) interpretation of the events. And Allah (is) Predominant over His affairs, but most (of) the people (do) not know.

Then when they entered upon Yusuf, he took to himself his parents and said, "Enter Egypt if wills Allah, safe."

   miṣ'ran   (1)

And when you said, "O Musa! Never (will) we endure [on] food (of) one (kind), so pray for us (to) your Lord to bring forth for us out of what grows the earth, of its herbs, [and] its cucumbers, [and] its garlic, [and] its lentils, and its onions." He said, "Would you exchange that which [it] (is) inferior for that which [it] (is) better? Go down (to) a city, so indeed for you (is) what you have asked (for)." And were struck on them the humiliation and the misery and they drew on themselves wrath of Allah That (was) because they used to disbelieve in (the) Signs (of) Allah and kill the Prophets without (any) [the] right. That (was) because they disobeyed and they were transgressing.

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