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م ل ا
General Root Meaning
To fill, satisfy, help. ""The sap or vigour of youth, or young manhood became fuller mantled in a person"". Satisfy/Glut. Aid, assist, conform with to do a thing. Assembly. Utmost [such as pulling a bow as far back as possible]. ""The utmost of his power and ability was accomplished"". Sufficient in quantity or dimension for filling. Disposition, nature [as one rich in needul qualities], manners. Principle persons, chiefs [because they are rich in needful things]. That which is satisfactory or satisfies [such as a majestic person]. An ewe in whose belly are water and matter so that one thinks her to be pregnant.
   l-mala-a   (1)

And came a man from (the) farthest end (of) the city running. He said, "O Musa! Indeed, the chiefs are taking counsel about you to kill you, so leave; indeed, I am to you of the sincere advisors."

   l-mala-u   (2)

And said the king, "Indeed, I [I] have seen seven cows fat, eating them seven lean ones, and seven ears (of corn) green, and others dry. O chiefs! Explain to me about my vision if you can of visions interpret."

She said, "O chiefs! Indeed [I], is delivered to me a letter noble.

She said, "O chiefs! Advise me in my affair. Not I would be the one to decide any matter until you are present with me."

He said, "O chiefs! Which of you will bring me her throne before that they come to me (in) submission?"

And said Firaun "O chiefs! Not I know for you any god other than me. So kindle for me O Haman! Upon the clay and make, for me a lofty tower so that [I] I may look at (the) God (of) Musa. And indeed, I [I] think that he (is) of the liars."

Said the chiefs of his people, "Indeed, we surely see you in error clear."

Said the chiefs (of) those who disbelieved from his people, "Indeed, we surely, see you in foolishness and indeed, we [we] think you (are) of the liars."

Said the chiefs (of) those who were arrogant among his people to those who were oppressed - [to] those who believed among them, "Do you know that Salih (is the) one sent from his Lord?" They said, "Indeed, we in what he has been sent with [it] (are) believers."

Said the chiefs (of) those who were arrogant among his people, "We will surely drive you out O Shuaib! And those who (have) believed with you from our city, or you must return to our religion." He said, "Even if we are (the) ones who hate (it)?

And said the chiefs (of) those who disbelieved among his people, "If you follow Shuaib, indeed, you then (will be) certainly losers."

Said the chiefs of (the) people (of) Firaun, "Indeed, this (is) surely a magician - learned.

And said the chiefs of (the) people (of) Firaun, "Will you leave Musa and his people so that they cause corruption in the earth and forsake you and your gods?" He said, "We will kill their sons and we will let live their women, and indeed, we over them (are) subjugators."

So said the chiefs (of) those who disbelieved from his people, "Not we see you but a man like us, and not we see you followed [you] except those who [they] (are) the lowest of us slaves immature in opinion. And not we see in you over us any merit; nay, we think you (are) liars."

But said the chiefs (of) those who disbelieved among his people, "Not (is) this but a man like you, he wishes to assert (his) superiority over you, and if had willed Allah surely He (would have) sent do Angels. Not we heard of this from our forefathers (of) the former (people).

And said the chiefs of his people who disbelieved and denied (the) meeting (of) the Hereafter, while We had given them luxury in the life (of) the world, "Not (is) this but a man like you. He eats of what you eat [from it], and he drinks of what you drink.

And went forth the chiefs among them that, "Continue, and be patient over your gods. Indeed, this (is) certainly a thing intended.

   l-mala-i   (2)

Not they may listen to the assembly [the] exalted, are pelted from every side,

Did not you see [towards] the chiefs of (the) Children (of) Israel from after Musa, when they said to a Prophet of theirs, "Appoint for us a king, we may fight in (the) way (of) Allah?" He said, "Would you perhaps - if prescribed upon you [the] fighting, that not you fight?" They said, "And what for us that not we fight in (the) way (of) Allah while surely we have been driven from our homes and our children?" Yet, when was prescribed upon them the fighting they turned away, except a few among them. And Allah (is) All-Knowing of the wrongdoers.

   im'talati   (1)

(The) Day We will say to Hell, "Are you filled?" And it will say, "Are (there) any more?"

   bil-mala-i   (1)

Not is for me any knowledge (of) the chiefs, the exalted when they were disputing.

   famāliūna   (2)

And indeed, they (will) surely eat from it and fill with it (their) bellies.

Then will fill with it the bellies,

   la-amla-anna   (2)

(Allah) said, "Get out of it disgraced and expelled. Certainly, whoever follows you among them, surely, I will fill Hell with you all.

Except (on) whom has bestowed Mercy your Lord, and for that He created them. And will be fulfilled (the) Word (of) your Lord, "Surely I will fill Hell with the Jinn and the men all together."

Surely I will fill Hell with you and those who follow you among them all."

And if We (had) willed, surely We (would) have given every soul its guidance, but (is) true the Word from Me that I will surely fill Hell with the jinn and the men together.

   lil'mala-i   (1)

He said to the chiefs around him, "Indeed, this (is) surely a magician learned.

   mil'u   (1)

Indeed, those who disbelieve[d] and died while they (are) disbelievers, then never will be accepted from any one of them full earth (of) gold [and] (even) if he offered as ransom it. Those - for them (is) a punishment painful and not (will be) for them any helpers.

   mala-on   (1)

And he was constructing the ship, and every time passed by him (the) chiefs of his people, they ridiculed [of] him. He said, "If you ridicule us, then we can ridicule you as you ridicule.

   muli-at   (1)

And that we sought to touch the heaven but we found it filled (with) guards severe, and flaming fires.

   walamuli'ta   (1)

And you (would) think them awake while they (were) asleep. And We turned them to the right and to the left, while their dog stretched his two forelegs at the entrance. If you had looked at them, you (would) have surely turned from them (in) flight and surely you would have been by them (with) terror.

   wamala-ahu   (1)

And said Musa, "Our Lord! Indeed, You have given Firaun and his chiefs splendor and wealth in the life (of) the world. Our Lord! That they may lead astray from Your way. Our Lord! Destroy [on] their wealth and harden [on] their hearts, so (that) not they believe until they see the punishment - the painful."

   wamala-ihi   (1)

Then We sent from after them Musa with Our Signs to Firaun and his chiefs, But they were unjust to them. So see how was (the) end (of) the corrupters.

Then We sent from after them Musa and Harun to Firaun and his chiefs with Our Signs, but they were arrogant and were a people criminal.

To Firaun and his chiefs, but they followed (the) command (of) Firaun, and not (the) command (of) Firaun, was right.

To Firaun and his chiefs, but they behaved arrogantly and they were a people haughty.

Insert your hand in your bosom it will come forth white from without any harm. And draw to yourselves your hand against fear. So these (are) two evidences from your Lord, to Firaun and his chiefs. Indeed, they are a people defiantly disobedient."

And certainly We sent Musa with Our Signs to Firaun and his chiefs, and he said, "Indeed, I am a Messenger (of the) Lord (of) the worlds."

   wamala-ihim   (1)

But none believed Musa except (the) offspring among his people for fear of Firaun and their chiefs, lest they persecute them. And indeed, Firaun (was) a tyrant in the earth, and indeed, he (was) of the ones who commit excesses.

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