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م ك ث
General Root Meaning
To tarry, to tarry and wait/expect, to loiter, to stay, pause in expectation, to not haste, be slow of speech.
   um'kuthū   (1)

When he saw a fire, then he said to his family, "Stay here; indeed, I [I] perceived a fire; perhaps I (can) bring you therefrom a burning brand, or I find at the fire guidance."

Then when fulfilled Musa the term and was traveling with his family, he saw in (the) direction (of) Mount Tur a fire. He said to his family, "Stay here; indeed, I [I] perceive a fire. Perhaps I will bring you from there some information or a burning wood from the fire so that you may warm yourselves."

   famakatha   (1)

So he stayed not long, and he said, "I have encompassed that which not you have encompassed it, and I have come to you from Saba with news certain.

   fayamkuthu   (1)

He sends down from the sky water and flows the valleys according to their measure, and carries the torrent a foam rising. And from what they heat [on] it in the fire in order to make ornaments or utensils, a foam like it. Thus sets forth Allah the truth and the falsehood. Then as for the foam it passes away (as) scum, and as for what benefits the mankind, remains in the earth. Thus sets forth Allah the examples.

   mākithūna   (1)

And they will call, "O Malik! Let put an end to us your Lord." He (will) say, "Indeed, you (will) remain."

   mākithīna   (1)

(They will) abide in it forever.

   muk'thin   (1)

And the Quran We have divided, that you might recite it to the people at intervals. And We have revealed it (in) stages.

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