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م ح ن
General Root Meaning
to test/try
   im'taḥana   (1)

Indeed, those who lower their voices (in) presence (of the) Messenger (of) Allah - those, (are) the ones has tested Allah their hearts for righteousness. For them (is) forgiveness and a reward great.

   fa-im'taḥinūhunna   (1)

O you who believe! When come to you the believing women (as) emigrants, then examine them. Allah (is) most knowing of their faith. And if you know them (to be) believers, then (do) not return them to the disbelievers. Not they (are) lawful for them and not they are lawful for them. But give them what they have spent. And not any blame upon you if you marry them when you have given them their (bridal) dues. And (do) not hold to marriage bonds (with) disbelieving women, but ask (for) what you have spent, and let them ask what they have spent. That (is the) Judgment (of) Allah. He judges between you. And Allah (is) All-Knowing, All-Wise.

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