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م ض ى
General Root Meaning
To advance or proceed, pass/pass away, go or go away, press onward, execute/perform/accomplish a thing, to be sharp, to cut or penetrate, excel or surpass in doing a thing.
   amḍiya   (1)

And when said Musa to his boy, "Not I will cease until I reach the junction (of) the two seas or I continue (for) a long period."

   maḍat   (1)

Say to those who disbelieve if they cease will be forgiven for them what [verily] (is) past. But if they return then verily preceded (the) practice (of) the former (people).

   muḍiyyan   (1)

And if We willed surely, We (would have) transf in their places then not they would have been able to proceed and not return.

   wa-im'ḍū   (1)

So travel with your family in a portion of the night and follow their backs, and not let look back among you anyone, and go on where you are ordered."

   wamaḍā   (1)

Then We destroyed stronger than them (in) power and has passed (the) example (of) the former (people).

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