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م ا ذ ا
General Root Meaning
   ammādhā   (1)

Until, when they come, He will say, "Did you deny My Signs while not you encompassed them (in) knowledge, or what you used (to) do?"

   famādhā   (2)

He wants to drive you out from your land, so what (do) you instruct?"

He wants to drive you out from your land by his magic, so what (do) you advise?"

For that (is) Allah, your Lord, the true. So what (can be) after the truth except the error? So how (are) you turned away.

   mādhā   (5)

Indeed, Allah (is) not ashamed to set forth an example (like) even (of) a mosquito and (even) something above it. Then as for those who believed, [thus] they will know that it (is) the truth from their Lord. And as for those who disbelieved [thus] they will say what (did) intend Allah by this example? He lets go astray by it many and He guides by it many. And not He lets go astray by it except the defiantly disobedient.

They ask you what they (should) spend. Say, "Whatever you spend of good, (is) for parents, and the relatives, and the orphans, and the needy, and (of) the wayfarer. And whatever you do of good. So indeed, Allah of it (is) All-Aware.

They ask you about [the] intoxicants and [the] games of chance Say, "In both of them (is) a sin great, and (some) benefits for [the] people. But sin of both of them (is) greater than (the) benefit of (the) two." And they ask you what they (should) spend. Say, "The surplus." Thus makes clear Allah to you [the] Verses so that you may ponder,

They ask you what (is) made lawful for them. Say, "Are made lawful for you the good things and what you have taught of (your) hunting animals, ones who train animals to hunt you teach them of what has taught you Allah. So eat of what they catch for you, but mention (the) name (of) Allah on it, and fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is swift (in taking) account.

(The) day will gather Allah the Messengers and He will say, "What was (the) response you receive They said, "(There is) no knowledge for us. Indeed You, You (are the) Knower (of) the unseen."

Say, "See, what (is) in the heavens and the earth." But not will avail the Signs and the warners to a people (who do) not believe.

And when it is said to them, "What has sent down your Lord? They say, "Tales (of) the ancient."

And it will be said to those who fear Allah, "What has sent down your Lord?" They will say, "Good." For those who do good in this world (is) a good, and the home of the Hereafter (is) better. And surely excellent (is) the home (of) the righteous.

Go with my letter, this, and deliver it to them. Then turn away from them and see what they return."

They said, "We (are) possessors (of) strength and possessors (of) might great, and the command (is) up to you, so look what you will command."

And (the) Day He will call them and say, "What did you answer the Messengers?"

This (is the) creation (of) Allah. So show Me what have created those from besides Him. Nay, the wrongdoers (are) in error clear.

Indeed, Allah, with Him (is the) knowledge (of) the Hour and He sends down the rain, and knows what (is) in the wombs. And not knows any soul what it will earn tomorrow, and not knows any soul in what land it will die. Indeed, Allah (is) All-Knower All-Aware.

Say, "Have you seen your partners those whom you call from besides Allah?" Show Me what they have created from the earth, or for them (is) a share in the heavens. Or have We given them a Book so they (are) on a clear proof therefrom? Nay, not promise the wrongdoers some of them (to) others except delusion.

Then when he reached with him the (age of) working he said, "O my son! Indeed, I have seen in the dream that I am sacrificing you, so look what you see." He said, "O my father! Do what you are commanded. You will find me, if wills Allah, of the patient ones."

Say, "Do you see what you call from besides Allah? Show me what they have created of the earth or for them (is) any share in the heavens? Bring me a book from before this or traces of knowledge, if you are truthful."

And among them (are some) who listen to you, until when they depart from you, they say to those who were given the knowledge, "What (has) he said just now?" Those - (are) the ones has set a seal Allah upon their hearts and they follow their desires.

And not We have made keepers (of) the Fire except Angels. And not We have made their number except (as) a trial for those who disbelieve - that may be certain those who were given the Scripture and may increase those who believe (in) faith, and not may doubt those who were given the Scripture and the believers, and that may say those in their hearts (is) a disease and the disbelievers "What (does) intend Allah by this example?" Thus does let go astray Allah whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And none knows (the) hosts (of) your Lord except Him. And not it (is) but a reminder to (the) human beings.

They said turning towards them, "What (is it) you miss?"

Say, "Do you see, if comes to you His punishment (by) night or (by) day, what (portion) would (wish to) hasten of it the criminals?"

When he said to his father and his people, "What is it you worship?

And not benefits the intercession with Him except for (one) whom He permits for him. Until when fear is removed on their hearts, they will say, "What is that - has said your Lord?" They will say, "The truth." And He (is) the Most High, the Most Great.

   wamādhā   (1)

And what (is) against them if they believed in Allah and the Day the Last and spent from what (has) provided them Allah? And is Allah about them All-Knower.

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