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خ ز ن
General Root Meaning
Reposit/store/preserve/guard something in a thing or property, conceal or withhold a thing from someone, become rich/suffcient after poverty, take the nearest of a thing.
   bikhāzinīna   (1)

And We have sent the winds fertilizing, and We sent down from the sky water, and We gave it to you to drink And not you of it (are) retainers.

   khazāina   (1)

Say, "If you possess the treasures (of) the Mercy (of) my Lord, then surely you would withhold (out of) fear (of) spending." And is man stingy.

   khazāinu   (2)

Say, "Not (do) I say to you (that) with me (are the) treasures (of) Allah and not (that) I know the unseen and not I say to you that I (am) an Angel. Not (do) I follow except what is revealed to me." Say, "Can be equal the blind and the seeing one?" Then will not you give thought?

And not I say to you (that) with me (are the) treasures (of) Allah, and not I know the unseen, and not I say that I am an Angel, and not I say for those whom look down upon your eyes, never will give them Allah any good. Allah knows best what (is) in their souls. Indeed, I then (will be) surely of the wrongdoers."

Or with them (are the) treasures (of) your Lord or (are) they the controllers?

They (are) those who say, "(Do) not spend on (those) who (are) with (the) Messenger (of) Allah until they disband." And for Allah (are the) treasures (of) the heavens and the earth, but the hypocrites (do) not understand.

Or have they (the) treasures (of the) Mercy (of) your Lord the All-Mighty, the Bestower?

   khazāini   (1)

He said, "Appoint me over (the) treasuries (of) the land. Indeed, I (will be) a guardian knowing."

   khazāinuhu   (1)

And not (is) any thing but with Us (are) its treasures, and not We send it down except in a measure known.

   khazanatuhā   (1)

And (will) be driven those who disbelieve to Hell (in) groups until when they reach it, (will) be opened its gates and (will) say to them its keepers, "Did not come to you Messengers from you reciting to you (the) Verses (of) your Lord and warning you (of the) meeting (of) your Day this?" They (will) say, "Yes!" But has been justified (the) word (of) punishment against the disbelievers.

And (will) be driven those who feared their Lord, to Paradise (in) groups until when they reach it and (will) be opened its gates and (will) say to them its keepers, "Peace be upon you, you have done well, so enter it (to) abide eternally."

It almost bursts from rage. Every time is thrown therein a group, (will) ask them its keepers, "Did not come to you a warner?"

   likhazanati   (1)

And will say those in the Fire to (the) keepers (of) Hell, "Call your Lord (to) lighten for us a day of the punishment."

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