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خ ط ب
General Root Meaning
To recite/deliver an exhortation or admonition to the people, ask or demand a woman in marriage, talk/speak/converse or discourse with one, address one face-to-face, accost one with speech or words, consult with one, decide a case/pass sentence/judge with evident demonstration or proof or testimony confirmed by oath, have something within one's reach or power, hold a dialogue, seek or desire to do a thing, give a sermon/speech/oration.
   l-khiṭābi   (2)

Indeed, this (is) my brother, he has ninety (i.e ninety nine) and nine (i.e ninety nine) ewe(s) while I have ewe one; so he said, "Entrust her to me," and he overpowered me in [the] speech."

And We strengthened his kingdom and We gave him [the] wisdom and decisive speech.

   tukhāṭib'nī   (1)

And construct the ship under Our Eyes, and Our inspiration and (do) not address Me concerning those who wronged; indeed, they (are) the ones (to be) drowned."

So We inspired to him, "That construct the ship under Our eyes, and Our inspiration, then when comes Our Command and gushes forth the oven, then put into it of every (kind) (of) mates two and your family, except those (has) preceded against whom the Word thereof. And (do) not address Me concerning those who wronged, indeed, they (are) the ones to be drowned.

   khāṭabahumu   (1)

And (the) slaves (of) the Most Gracious (are) those who walk on the earth (in) humbleness and when address them the ignorant ones, they say, "Peace."

   khiṭāban   (1)

Lord (of) the heavens and the earth and whatever (is) between both of them the Most Gracious, not they have power from Him (to) address.

   khiṭ'bati   (1)

And (there is) no blame upon you in what you hint [with it] of marriage proposal [to] the women or you conceal it in yourselves. Knows Allah that you will mention them, [and] but (do) not promise them (widows) secretly except that you say a saying honorable. And (do) not resolve (on) the knot (of) marriage until reaches the prescribed term its end. And know that Allah knows what (is) within yourselves so beware of Him. And know that Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Forbearing.

   khaṭbuka   (1)

He said, "Then what (is) your case, O Samiri?"

   khaṭbukum   (2)

He said, "Then what (is) your business, O messengers?"

He said, "Then what (is) your mission, O messengers?"

   khaṭbukumā   (1)

And when he came (to the) water (of) Madyan, he found on it a group of men watering, and he found from besides them two women keeping back. He said, "What (is the) matter with both of y They said, "Not we can water until take away the shepherds; and our father (is) old man aged."

   khaṭbukunna   (1)

He said, "What (was) your affair when you sought to seduce Yusuf from himself?" They said, Forbid Allah!" Not we know about him any evil." Said (the) wife (of) Aziz, "Now (is) manifest the truth. I sought to seduce him from himself, and indeed, he (is) surely of the truthful.

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