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خ ت ر
General Root Meaning
Be agitated by a tendency to vomit (the soul or stomach) and thus be in a corrupt or disordered state, act or behave towards another with treachery/perfidy/unfaithfulness (or with deceit, guile or circumvention), behave towards one in a bad or corrupt manner, corrupt or disorder one's soul or stomach and render him relaxed (said of wine or beverage), to be languid and relaxed/heavy/sluggish/fevered, languid in body in consequence of disease.
   khattārin   (1)

And when covers them a wave like canopies, they call Allah, (being) sincere to Him (in) religion. But when He delivers them to the land then among them (some are) moderate. And not deny Our Signs except every traitor ungrateful.

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