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خ ص ص
General Root Meaning
Distinguish/particularize/specially characterize a person, appropriate/assign/make to belong to a particular person alone or exclusively of others, favour one in preference to another or others (i.e. to single one out), take/choose a person specifically to or for oneself, be alone (with none to share or participate with one in the affair).
   khāṣṣatan   (1)

And fear a trial not which will afflict those who do wrong among you exclusively. And know that Allah (is) severe (in) the penalty.

   khaṣāṣatun   (1)

And those who settled (in) the home and (accepted) faith from before them love (those) who emigrated to them, and not they find in their breasts any want of what they were given but prefer over themselves, even though was with them poverty. And whoever is saved (from) stinginess (of) his soul, then those [they] (are) the successful ones.

   yakhtaṣṣu   (2)

(Do) not like those who disbelieve from (the) People (of) the Book and not those who associate partners ( that (there should) be sent down to you any good from your Lord. And Allah chooses for His Mercy whom He wills. And Allah (is the) Possessor (of) [the] Bounty [the] Great.

He chooses for His Mercy whom He wills. And Allah (is) the Possessor (of) Bounty - [the] great.

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