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خ ل ل
General Root Meaning
To become lean, to diminish/decrease/waste away, to be poor, be of want or need, to perforate/pierce/skewer a thing, to remove/transfer/shift, to pick or extract the remains of, put into the interstices of a thing, to spoil or become sour, make wine into vinegar, act as a true and sincere friend, fall short of accomplishing a task, to neglect/omit or leave undone, to absent one's self, produce bad fruit, enter/penetrate or pass through, interrupt or intervene, to be shaky/ loose/ faulty/ defective, to be uncompact/disordered/unsound, to be corrupt or disordered in temperament, to attire with an anklet or pair of anklets, to be old and worn out, to die and leave a gap/ vacancy, to be of habit/ custom, show true and sincere affection/ friendship/ love, to be flawed/imperfect/deficient, to leave one thing for another.
   al-akhilāu   (1)

Friends that Day, some of them to others (will be) enemies except the righteous,

   khilālun   (1)

Say to My slaves those who believe (to) establish the prayers, and (to) spend from what We have provided them, secretly and publicly, from before [that] comes a Day not any trade in it and not any friendship.

   khilāla   (1)

So when came (the) promise (for) the first of the two, We raised against you servants of Ours Possessor those of military might great and they entered the inner most part (of) the homes, and (it) was a promise fulfilled.

   khilālakum   (1)

If they (had) gone forth with you, not they (would) have increased yo except (in) confusion and would have been active in your midst seeking (for) you dissension. And among you (are some) who would have listened to them. And Allah (is) All-Knower, of the wrongdoers.

   khilālihi   (1)

Do not you see that Allah drives clouds then joins between them then makes them (into) a mass, then you see the rain come forth from their midst? And He sends down from (the) sky, [from] mountains within it [of] (is) hail and He strikes with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills. Nearly (the) flash (of) its lighting takes away the sight.

Allah (is) the One Who sends the winds, so they raise (the) clouds, then He spreads them in the sky, how He wills, and He makes them fragments so you see the rain coming forth from their midst. Then when He causes it to fall on whom He wills of His slaves, behold! They rejoice.

   khilālahā   (2)

Or Who made the earth a firm abode and made (in) its midst rivers and made for it firm mountains and made between the two seas a barrier? Is there any god with Allah? Nay, most of them (do) not know.

Or you have for you a garden of date-palms and grapes, you cause to gush forth the rivers within them abundantly.

   khilālahumā   (1)

Each (of) the two gardens brought forth its produce and not did wrong of it anything. And We caused to gush forth within them a river.

   khullatun   (1)

O you who believe[d]! Spend of what We (have) provided you, from before that comes a Day no bargaining in it and no friendship and no intercession. And the deniers - they (are) the wrongdoers.

   khalīlan   (1)

And who (is) better (in) religion than (one) who submits his face to Allah and he (is) a good-doer and follows (the) religion (of) Ibrahim (the) upright? And was taken (by) Allah Ibrahim (as) a friend.

And indeed, they were about (to) tempt you away from that which We revealed, to you that you invent about Us other (than) it. And then surely they would take you (as) a friend.

O woe to me! I wish not I had taken that one (as) a friend.

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