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خ ب ط
General Root Meaning
To strike/beat vehemently (e.g. with the fore foot hind foot), to prosecute, to be confounded/perplexed, to journey without
direction, hold communion with someone, touch with a hurt so as to corrupt/disorder and render one insane, to be agitated/disturbed,
to be still/motionless.
   yatakhabbaṭuhu   (1)

Those who consume [the] usury not they can stand except like stands the one who, confounds him the Shaitaan with (his) touch. That (is) because they say, "Only the trade (is) like [the] usury." While has permitted Allah [the] trade but (has) forbidden [the] usury. Then whoever - comes to him (the) admonition from His Lord and he refrained, then for him what (has) passed, and his case (is) with Allah, and whoever repeated then those (are the) companions (of) the Fire, they in it will abide forever.

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