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ك ظ م
General Root Meaning
To shut, stop, abstract, suppress one’s anger, choke, tight or fill something with a check, abstain from chewing the end.
kaziim - one who is grieving inwardly and in silence, repressor of rage, filled with sorrow that is suppressed.
makzuum - oppressed and depressed with grief.
   kāẓimīna   (1)

And warn them (of the) Day the Approaching, when the hearts (are) at the throats, choked. Not for the wrongdoers any intimate friend and no intercessor (who) is obeyed.

   kaẓīmun   (3)

And when is given good news, (to) one of them, of what he sets up for the Most Gracious (as) a likeness, becomes his face dark and he (is) filled with grief.

And he turned away from them and said, "Alas, my grief over Yusuf!" And became white his eyes from the grief, and he (was) a suppressor.

And when is given good news (to) one of them of a female, turns his face dark and he suppresses grief.

   makẓūmun   (1)

So be patient for (the) decision (of) your Lord, and (do) not be like (the) companion (of) the fish, when he called out, while he (was) distressed.

   wal-kāẓimīna   (1)

Those who spend in [the] ease and (in) the hardship and those who restrain the anger and those who pardon [from] the people - and Allah loves the good-doers.

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