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ك و د
General Root Meaning
Almost, nearly, near
   akādu   (1)

Indeed, the Hour (will be) coming. I almost [I] hide it that may be recompensed every soul for what it strives.

   takādu   (2)

Almost the heavens get torn therefrom, and splits asunder the earth and collapse the mountain (in) devastation

Almost the heavens break up from above them, and the Angels glorify (the) praise (of) their Lord and ask for forgiveness for those on the earth. Unquestionably, indeed, Allah, He (is) the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.

It almost bursts from rage. Every time is thrown therein a group, (will) ask them its keepers, "Did not come to you a warner?"

   kāda   (2)

He would have almost [surely] misled us from our gods if not that we had been steadfast to them." And soon will know when they will see the punishment, who (is) more astray (from the) way.

Verily, turned (in mercy) Allah to the Prophet, and the emigrants, and the helpers [those] who followed him, in (the) hour (of) difficulty from after [what] had nearly deviated (the) hearts (of) a party of them, then He turned (in mercy) to them. Indeed, He to them (is) Most Kind, Most Merciful.

   kādat   (1)

And became (the) heart (of the) mother (of) Musa empty. That, she was near (to) disclosing about him, if not that We strengthened [over] her heart, so that she would be of the believers.

   kādū   (4)

And that when stood up (the) slave (of) Allah calling (upon) Him, they almost became around him a compacted mass.

And indeed, they were about (to) scare you from the land, that they evict you from it. But then not they (would) have stayed after you except a little.

And indeed, they were about (to) tempt you away from that which We revealed, to you that you invent about Us other (than) it. And then surely they would take you (as) a friend.

He said, "Indeed, He says, "[Indeed] it (is) a cow not trained to plough the earth, and not water the field; sound, no blemish in it." They said, "Now you have come with the truth." So they slaughtered it, and not they were near (to) doing (it).

   kidtta   (1)

And if not [that] We (had) strengthened you, certainly, you almost (would) have inclined to them (in) something a little.

He (will) say, "By Allah, verily, you almost ruined me.

   wakādū   (1)

And when returned Musa to his people - angry, and grieved, he said, "Evil is what you have done in my place from after me. Were you impatient (over the) matter (of) your Lord?" And he cast down the tablets and seized by head, his brother dragging him to himself. He said, "O son (of) my mother! Indeed, the people considered me weak and were about to kill me. So (let) not rejoice over me the enemies, and (do) not place me with the people the wrongdoing."

   yakādu   (5)

Almost the lightning snatches away their sight. Whenever it flashes for them they walk in it, and when it darkens on them they stand (still). And if had willed Allah, He would certainly have taken their hearing, and their sight. Indeed, Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful.

Or am I better than this, one who - he (is) insignificant and not hardly clear?

He will sip it but not he will be near (to) swallowing it. And will come to him the death from every side, but not he will die. And from ahead of him (is) a punishment harsh.

Do not you see that Allah drives clouds then joins between them then makes them (into) a mass, then you see the rain come forth from their midst? And He sends down from (the) sky, [from] mountains within it [of] (is) hail and He strikes with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills. Nearly (the) flash (of) its lighting takes away the sight.

Allah (is the) Light (of) the heavens and the earth. (The) example (of) His Light (is) like a niche in it (is) a lamp; the lamp (is) in a glass, the glass as if it were a star brilliant (which) is lit from a tree blessed - an olive, not (of the) east and not (of the) west, would almost its oil glow, even if not touched it fire. Light upon Light. guides Allah to His Light whom He wills. And sets forth Allah the examples for the mankind. And Allah of every thing (is) All-Knower.

And indeed, would almost those who disbelieve, surely make you slip with their look when they hear the Message, and they say, "Indeed, he (is) surely mad."

   yakādūna   (3)

Wherever you be will overtake you [the] death even if you are in towers lofty. And if befalls them any good they say, "This (is) from Allah," And if befalls them any evil they say, "This (is) from you." Say, "All (is) from Allah." So what (is wrong) (with) these [the] people, not do they seem (to) understand any statement.

And when are recited to them Our Verses clear, you will recognize on (the) faces (of) those who disbelieve the denial. They almost attack those who recite to them Our Verses. Say, "Then shall I inform you of worse than that? The Fire, (has) promised it Allah (for) those who disbelieve, and wretched (is) the destination."

Until, when he reached between the two mountains, he found from besides them a community, not who would almost understand (his) speech.

   yakad   (1)

Or (is) like (the) darkness[es] in a sea deep, covers it a wave, (from) on it a wave, (from) on it a cloud, darkness[es] some of it on others. When he puts out his hand not hardly he (can) see it. And (for) whom not (has) made Allah for him a light, then not for him (is) any light.

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