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ك ل ف
General Root Meaning
To take pains, be zealous, be engrossed by an object.
   l-mutakalifīna   (1)

Say, "Not I ask of you for it any payment, and not I am of the ones who pretend.

   tukallafu   (2)

And the mothers shall suckle their children (for) two years complete, for whoever wishes to complete the suckling. And upon the father (on) him (is) their provision and their clothing in a fair manner. Not is burdened any soul except its capacity. Not made to suffer (the) mother because of her child and not (the) father (be) because of his child. And on the heirs (is a duty) like that. Then if they both desire weaning through mutual consent of both of them and consultation, then no blame on both of them. And if you want to ask another women to suckle your child then (there is) no blame on you, when you pay what you give in a fair manner. And fear Allah and know that Allah of what you do (is) All-Seer.

So fight in (the) way (of) Allah; not you are responsible except (for) yourself. And encourage the believers, perhaps Allah will restrain (the) might (of) those who disbelieved. And Allah (is) Stronger (in) Might and Stronger (in) punishment.

   nukallifu   (1)

And (do) not go near wealth (of) the orphans except with that which (is) best until he reaches his maturity. And give full [the] measure and the weight with justice. Not We burden any soul except (to) its capacity. And when you speak then be just even if he is (one of) a near relative. And (the) Covenant (of) Allah fulfil. That (He) has enjoined on you with it so that you may remember.

But those who believe and do [the] righteous deeds not We burden any soul except (to) its capacity. Those (are the) companions (of) Paradise, they in it (will) abide forever.

And not We burden any soul except (to) its capacity, and with Us (is) a Record (which) speaks with the truth; and they (will) not be wronged.

   yukallifu   (2)

(Does) not burden Allah any soul except its capacity, for it what it earned, and against it what it earned. "Our Lord! (Do) not take us to task if we forget or we err. Our Lord! And (do) not lay upon us a burden like that (which) You laid [it] on those who (were) from before us. Our Lord! [And] (do) not lay on us what not (the) strength we have [of it] (to bear). And pardon [from] us, and forgive [for] us and have mercy on us. You (are) our Protector, so help us against the people - [the] disbelievers.

Let spend owner of ample means from his ample means, and (he) who, is restricted on him his provision, let him spend from what has given him Allah. not does burden Allah any soul except (with) what He has given it. will bring about Allah after hardship ease.

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