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ك ا ى
General Root Meaning
and how many
   faka-ayyin   (1)

And how many of a township We have destroyed it, while it was doing wrong, so it fell on its roofs, and well abandoned, and castle lofty.

   waka-ayyin   (1)

And how many from a Prophet fought; with him (were) religious scholars many. But not they lost heart for what befell them in (the) way (of) Allah and not they weakened and not they gave in. And Allah loves the patient ones.

And how many of a Sign in the heavens and the earth they pass over it, while they (are) from them the ones who turn away.

And how many of a township I gave respite to it, while it (was) doing wrong. Then I seized it and to Me (is) the destination.

And how many of a creature (does) not carry its provision. Allah provides (for) it and (for) you. And He (is) the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.

And how many of a town, which (was) stronger (in) strength than your town which has driven you out? We destroyed them, so no helper for them.

And how many of a town rebelled against (the) Command (of) its Lord and His Messengers, so We took it to account, an account severe; and We punished it, a punishment terrible.

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