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ج ذ ع
General Root Meaning
To stand firmly upon a thing, to stand erect or straight, to stick or cleave, also means to sit upon one's knees, to be raised or extended, stand on the extremities of one's toes (to bear oneself erect), trunk of a palm-tree.
   bijidh'ʿi   (1)

And shake towards you (the) trunk (of) the date-palm, it will drop upon you fresh dates ripe.

   jidh'ʿi   (1)

Then drove her the pains of childbirth to (the) trunk (of) the date-palm. She said, "O! I wish I (had) died before this and I was (in) oblivion, forgotten."

   judhūʿi   (1)

He said, "You believe [to] him before [that] I gave permission to you. Indeed, he (is) your chief, the one who taught you the magic. So surely I will cut off your hands and your feet of opposite sides, and surely I will crucify you on (the) trunks (of) date-palms and surely you will know which of us (is) more severe (in) punishment and more lasting."

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