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ح و ذ
General Root Meaning
To drive fast, keep with care, gain mastery over, get the better of, prevail over, overcome, gain an advantage, to drive quickly or violently or roughly, to collect, gain possession of a thing, drive or incline someone after gaining mastery over him, to guard/keep/keep safely/protect/take care of/mind a person or thing, to be observant or regardful of a thing, to do an affair or thing soundly or firmly or thoroughly or very well, to go or journey a hard or vehement pace, make an arrow light by scraping and paring it.
   is'taḥwadha   (1)

Has overcome them the Shaitaan, so he made them forget (the) remembrance (of) Allah. Those (are the) party (of) the Shaitaan. No doubt! Indeed, (the) party (of) the Shaitaan, they (will be) the losers.

   nastaḥwidh   (1)

Those who are waiting for you. Then if was for you a victory from Allah they say, "Were not we with you?" But if (there) was for the disbelievers a chance they said, "Did not we have advantage over you and we protected you from the believers?" And Allah will judge between you (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection, and never will make Allah for the disbelievers over the believers a way.

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