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ح م ا
General Root Meaning
Black and fetid mud, to cleanse the well of  it [black, fetid mud], to be mixed with black and fetid mud, to be rendered turbid and altered in odour, to be angry with someone, paternal uncle, a certain plant that grows in Nejd in the sands or in the plain and soft land, a man of an evil eye, to injure with the evil eye.
   ḥama-in   (1)

And verily, We created humankind (out) of sounding clay from black mud altered.

And when said your Lord to the Angels, "Indeed, I (will) create a human being (out) of clay from black mud altered.

He said, "Not I am (one) to prostrate to a human whom You created, (out) of clay from black mud altered."

   ḥami-atin   (1)

Until, when he reached (the) setting place (of) the sun, he found it setting in a spring (of) dark mud, and he found near it a community. We said, "O Dhul-qarnain (Possessor of two Either [that] you punish or [that] you take [in] them (with) goodness."

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