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غ ز ل
General Root Meaning
to spin, spun the cotton or wool, became remiss, became confounded with a young gazelle; he talked with her and acted in an amatory and enticing manner; turned around or made to revolve; attempted as a self-imposed task; follower of, lover of; amorous or enticing gestures or manners; the sun when high or rising; a vender or spinner of thread; a slender cord
   ghazlahā   (1)

And (do) not be like her who untwists her spun yarn from after strength (into) untwisted strands; you take your oaths (as) a deception between you, because is a community [it] more numerous than (another) community. Only, tests you Allah by it. And He will make clear to you (on) the Day (of) the Resurrection, what you used (to) in it differ.

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