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غ ى ض
General Root Meaning
became scanty or little in quantity, decreased, diminished, became deficient, fell short; sank into the earth, disappeared in the earth, went away into the earth or enters or collects, place where water sinks [applied to water]; an abortive fetus (not completely formed, less than seven months old)
   taghīḍu   (1)

Allah knows what carries every female, and what fall short the womb, and what they exceed. And every thing with Him (is) in due proportion.

   waghīḍa   (1)

And it was said, "O earth! Swallow your water, and O sky! Withhold." And subsided the water, and was fulfilled the Command. And it rested on the Judi. And it was said, "Away with the people the wrongdoers."

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