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غ ر ق
General Root Meaning
sank, drowned, went downwards and disappeared, became without need, drew the bow to the full, outstripped, engrossed, a man overwhelmed by trials, single draught, ornamented, obligatory, suddenly/violently, to come near to any one.
aghraqnaa (prf. 1st. pl. vb. IV): we drowned.
yughriqu (imp. 3rd. m. sing. acc.): he drown (you).
tughriqa (imp. 2nd. m. sing. vb. IV): you drown.
nughriq (imp. 1st. pl. IV): we drown.
ughriquu (pp. 3rd. m. pl. IV): they were drowned.
gharaq (v. n.): drowning.
gharaqan (v. n. acc.): intense zeal and to the best of capacity, vehemently.
mughraquuna/mughraqiina (acc. pis. pic. m. pl.): those who are drowned.