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غ م ر
General Root Meaning
much in quantity, abundant, copious, to overflow, ignorant, immerged, plunged, intensely, inexperienced, unintelligent, drowning, overwhelming ignorance, confused mass of anything, flood of water, distress, bewilderment, perplexity.
   ghamarāti   (1)

And who (is) more unjust than (one) who invents about Allah a lie or said, "It has been inspired to me" while not it was inspired to him anything, and (one) who said, "I will reveal like what has revealed Allah." And if you (could) see when the wrongdoers (are) in agonies (of) [the] death while the Angels (are) stretching out their hands (saying), "Discharge your souls! Today you will be recompensed (with) punishment humiliating because you used to say against Allah other than the truth and you were towards His Verses being arrogant."

   ghamratin   (2)

Nay, their hearts (are) in confusion over this, and for them (are) deeds from besides that, they for it (are) doers

Those who [they] (are) in flood (of) heedlessness.

   ghamratihim   (1)

So leave them in their confusion until a time.

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