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ف ز ز
General Root Meaning
to remove, provoke, expel, unsettle, be scared away from, turn away, startle.
istafazza (vb. 10) - to excite, make active, deceive, unsettle, remove, expel, lead to destruction, make weak by humiliating, entail loss of right of citizenship.
   layastafizzūnaka   (1)

And indeed, they were about (to) scare you from the land, that they evict you from it. But then not they (would) have stayed after you except a little.

   wa-is'tafziz   (1)

And incite whoever you can among them with your voice, and assault [on] them with your cavalry and infantry and be a partner in the wealth and the children, and promise them." And not promises them the Shaitaan except delusion.

   yastafizzahum   (1)

So he intended to drive them out from the land, but We drowned him and who (were) with him all.

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