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ف و ر
General Root Meaning
to boil, boil over, gush forth, run, do in haste, rush, come in a headlong manner, be raised, be in a fit of passion, be in a hurry, come instantly, come immediately, fall of a sudden, make a sudden rush.
   tafūru   (1)

When they are thrown therein, they will hear from it an inhaling while it boils up.

   fawrihim   (1)

Yes, if you are patient and fear (Allah) and they come upon you [of] suddenly, [this] will reinforce you your Lord with five thousand[s] [of] [the] Angels [the ones] having marks.

   wafāra   (2)

So We inspired to him, "That construct the ship under Our eyes, and Our inspiration, then when comes Our Command and gushes forth the oven, then put into it of every (kind) (of) mates two and your family, except those (has) preceded against whom the Word thereof. And (do) not address Me concerning those who wronged, indeed, they (are) the ones to be drowned.

Till when came Our command, and overflowed the oven, We said, "Load in it of every kind a pair two, and your family except who has preceded against him the word, and whoever believed." And not believed with him except a few.

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