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ف ر غ
General Root Meaning
to be empty, vacant, to finish a thing, cease from, be unoccupied, be free from (other things)
   afrigh   (1)

And when they went forth to (face) Jalut and his troops they said, "Our Lord! Pour on us patience and make firm our feet, and help us against the people (who are) disbelieving."

And not you take revenge from us except that we believed in (the) Signs (of) our Lord when they came to us. Our Lord! Pour upon us patience and cause us to die (as) Muslims."

   uf'righ   (1)

Bring me sheets (of) iron" until, when he (had) leveled between the two cliffs, he said, "Blow," until when he made it fire, he said, "Bring me, I pour over it molten copper."

   sanafrughu   (1)

Soon We will attend to you, O you two classes!

   fārighan   (1)

And became (the) heart (of the) mother (of) Musa empty. That, she was near (to) disclosing about him, if not that We strengthened [over] her heart, so that she would be of the believers.

   faraghta   (1)

So when you have finished then labor hard.

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