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د ه ر
General Root Meaning
To happen.
Dahr, plu. Duhur: Time (short or long); Beginning of time; Year; Event; Time from the beginning of the world to its end; Epoch; Vicissitudes of time; Calamity; Fate; as time brings to pass events; Good or evil, a permanent habit that lasts throughout life; a purpose, an intention, a desire, the end that one has in view.
   l-dahru   (1)

And they say, "Not it (is) but our life (of) the world, we die and we live, and not destroys us except the time." And not for them of that any knowledge; not, they (do) but guess.

   l-dahri   (1)

Has (there) come upon man a period of time not he was a thing mentioned?

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