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د ح ض
General Root Meaning
slip, having no firmness/stability, become null & void, to anul/void/reject, examine into, to be weak, to jerk/decline, that which has no force/weight, to refute/condemn, to depart, to go away, an argument/plea/allegation/evidence.

Yudhidzuu (acc. for Yudhidzuuna): They refute
Daahidzatun (act. pic. f. sing.): Null, futile, void
Mudhi dziina ( pic. pie. m. plu. acc.): Rejected ones; cast away; cast off
   l-mud'ḥaḍīna   (1)

Then he drew lots and was of the losers.

   dāḥiḍatun   (1)

And those who argue concerning Allah from after [what] response has been made to Him, their argument (is) invalid with their Lord, and upon them (is) wrath, and for them (is) a punishment severe.

   liyud'ḥiḍū   (1)

And not We send the Messengers except (as) bearers of glad tidings and (as) warners. And dispute those who disbelieve with falsehood, to refute thereby the truth. And they take My Verses and what they are warned (in) ridicule.

Denied before them (the) people (of) Nuh and the factions from after them, and plotted every nation against their Messenger, to seize him, and they disputed by falsehood to refute thereby the truth. So I seized them. Then how was My penalty?

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