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د ب ر
General Root Meaning
to turn the back, flee, follow after, be behind, become old, take a thing away, veer to the west wind, elapse (day, night), follow with respect.
al-dubur and al-dubr pl. adbaar – the back; the back or hind part of anything; the latter, or last, part, of a thing, an affair, or an event, or of anything. Back, hinder part, the last, extremity, that which comes after, at the end of, extreme, last remnant, uttermost part.
To dispose, manage, govern, consider, the issues or results of the affairs or the case, perform or execute the affair with thought or consideration, devise or plan the affair with thought or consideration, devise or plan the affair, regulate.
Consequence, result.
2nd Form: to consider and forecast the issues, or results, of the affair, or event, or case; to perform or execute a thing or affair with thought and consideration; to manage, conduct, and regulate affairs;
4th Form: to die; to go away turning one’s back/to turn back/to go back/to take a backward course/to retreat/to retire/to retrograde/to decline; to go/depart (said of the day and night); to make someone behind one’s back; 5th Form: to think, or meditate, upon a thing and endeavour to understand it; to look to what would, or might, be the result of an issue, or affair, or event.

daabir – following behind the back; following the back; following, with respect to place, and also with respect to time, and also with respect to rank or station; the last that remains of a people or party; he who comes at the end of a people or party; those who remain after them: and one who comes after, or follows, another.
idbar = retreat, withdrawal, setting, turning away, passing by.

Yudabbiru (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing. II.): He disposes, manages the affairs continuously.
Adbara (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing. IV.): Turned back; drew back.
Yatadabbaruuna (imp. 3rd. p.m. plu. V.): They ponder.
Yadabbaruu/Yatadabbaruu (V. acc.): They ponder.
Duburun (n.): Behind; back.
Adbaar (plu. of dubar.): after; backs.
Idbaar (v. n. IV.): Declinings; setting.
Daabirun (act. pic.) last remnant root.
Mudabbiraat (ap-der. f. plu.): Those f. who manage the affairs, who administer the affairs in an excellent manner.
Mudbir (ap-der. m. sing. IV): Retreating one.
Mudbiriin (ap-der. m. plu. IV.): Retreating ones.